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Song was awarded as China good lock


Recently, foshan song lock technology co., LTD, won the "2015 China good locks" title. This is not only a showcase the song brand visibility and reputation, the symbol of brand strength and the gold content, for the majority of consumers choose song locks provides confidence and guarantee.

As the door industry well-known brands, after years of research and development investment, market practice, think song lock products on the market, song brand thorough popular feeling, favored by the majority of consumers love and support. Song company actively introduces advanced equipment and technology and the management idea, is committed to research and development and manufacture of excellent products, specializing in the production of fingerprint lock, induction, combination lock, lock anti-theft lock, remote control lock in the high-end products, such as set up dozens of stores and sales agents in the country.

Songs in the future, think the company will continue to focus on technical innovation and product innovation, with the best products and service to give back to society, to bring more positive energy industry.


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