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Fingerprint lock sales, a bit less, a little more sincere


Intelligent lock those sales routines, players didn't you?

Coming of the era of intelligence, intelligent household products began to replace the traditional family equipment, is one of the smart door lock, gradually been recognized by more and more users and sought after. However, most of consumer's perception of the intelligent lock also is not very comprehensive, when the choose and buy, or in the following state; In order to get more customers, each manufacturer in trying to promote their products at the same time, there's also a lot of "exaggeration" ingredients, to guide consumers into the erroneous zone.

1. Iris, face recognition, mobile phone remote, app is safer?

Fingerprints, password, induction card is the mainstream way of the lock, iris, face recognition, mobile phone remote and app technology is still in perfect, until the new technology is stable, to some extent, for you want to get cracking method is very easy! Just a piece of cake! Besides many smart locks may be other unauthorized terminal can access casually, its security is not guaranteed. The security hidden danger is immeasurable, those who are not accepted by the mainstream "high-tech", in practice, you may find that these are fool.

2. The more the better function?

Many businessmen have been the highlights of his power, let consumers think that the more intelligent lock function is better. Actually otherwise, the good or bad depends on its core functions of intelligent lock and the experience of users. Pay attention to the products those treasures outside its defeat garrulous among them, the more functions, product failures, performance instability, uncertainty is high, the more the user experience will be bad, finally most functions become chicken ribs, fingerprint lock function is not working, instead, my dear, do you do then?

3. The brand or the brand good?

, a foreign brand is good. Can not deny the fact that foreign brands in the history of intelligent locks products more, experience more, some aspects had moments. However, foreign brands of products has always been designed for the customer. One party soil to raise a party person, in line with the local consumer groups "national conditions" is the true reason. South Korea, for example, the door is generally thin, light, and in the door of the Chinese family is thick and heavy, Han Guosuo such as samsung fingerprint lock, Yale fingerprint locks, Kate, fingerprint lock, such as brand, is actually very difficult when installation in China, and the door of adaptability is bad, anti-theft performance is not high, and the door is not applicable in Chinese family, its service life will be shortened, the failure rate is high.

Case 2, bought a fake imported products. Some businesses on part of the Chinese people worship psychology, in order to reflect the product's "high precision, cutting-edge technology," many say when sales of domestic product as are imported from abroad, or a brand registered in abroad, hard gave birth to give the product a "foreign brand" the cloak. This is just a typical shifted or borrowed cloak of foreign brands.

4. No mechanical lock smart lock safer?

No matter what the lock, the first priority is to ensure that safety, security and safety should be more than property. The purpose of the intelligent lock must not deviate from this. At present some vendors trying to abandon the traditional mechanical lock, switch to automatic mode switch. It is not worth recommending. We can never predict when the electronic function will fail, mechanical lock is an emergency to the emergency protection, is also an insurance to the personal safety.

5. Smart locks are expensive luxury goods?

Some on market prices artificially high intelligent lock products, and consumers to understand enough, intelligent lock market led to a lot of consumers still think smart locks belong to high-end consumer goods, that fingerprint lock or fingerprint combination lock price must be very high. In fact, when the choose and buy, consumer can through the materials, the stability, safety, brand, producing area, the degree of professional into consideration, to avoid prices artificially high intelligent lock, avoid all kinds of luxury concept packaging, avoid to choose too many advertising of fingerprint lock products, after all, any cost increase, eventually pay are consumers.

These routines, you know?

Don't ask why are we so good, because we do this line for many years... ...

Song fingerprint lock, you rest assured lock!!!!

Fingerprint lock sales, a bit less, a little more sincere

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