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Fingerprint lock price is not cheap, why more and more people buy?


Fingerprint lock for the consumer appeal lies in its convenience, safety, and obtained its fashion sense is inner satisfaction. 23000 yuan price of fingerprint lock under the spending power of most owners, and people in the pursuit of quality of life, the living environment of security condition of attention, and curious about new things and experience requirements, lead to more people look to safe and convenient, the function of the rich variety of fingerprint lock and make purchases.

Convenience is the most obvious feature of the fingerprint lock than mechanical lock. Locks in thousands of years, people used to carry the key, took out the key to open the door and close the door of life scenes, but also helpless suffering moment carrying keys trouble and one thousand didn't have a key to bring all sorts of problems. Take the key out of place, unfortunately lost to pry the door is fatigue goods frustrating, old always doubting whether to close the door more let a person's spaced out. The use of fingerprint lock, completely remove the keys of human bondage, people no longer have to worry about yourself and your family to go lost keys and key; The fingerprint lock with password lock function widely available in the market, such as fingerprint lock circles have password function at the same time, the password is peeping prevention function, so it can avoid the embarrassment of gates in sudden visit with friends and family for a maid or key concerns, and afraid of people stealing remember password.

Fingerprint lock with one thousand yuan price calculation, benefit positively beyond the convenience, fingerprint lock security is also more and more users fall in love. Home most mechanical lock lock lock market is still in A level or A lower security level, for most thieves points minutes quiet well, opening (especially tin foil lock is available, no block in the process. While fingerprint lock basic using super class B or C grade Ye Piansuo core, the technical open time of up to 270 minutes. At the same time the electronic anti-theft lock body ascend the performance of the pry proof, prevent violent demolition; And fingerprint lock with a voice alarm system, as long as some illegal operation was carried out on the fingerprint lock (password entry trial and error, use tools to pry panel lock, etc.) to a certain degree of fingerprint lock will be alert and lock the fingerprint lock system operation, destroy criminals commit crime to the environment.

Fingerprint lock not only attracts consumers with advanced features, more and more people ignore the fingerprint lock price factors, but also because the fingerprint lock is to a certain extent is the embodiment of the identity, taste, can let a person get inner satisfaction. Such as apple mobile phone, lars fashion atmosphere of high-tech products such as car easily pegged to the face and taste. And fingerprint lock for domestic consumers is a relatively new things, of the atmosphere, the classic model of fashion or fingerprint lock, fingerprint unlock, password, and other high-tech characteristics of radio frequency card to open the door, and compared with the mechanical lock more expensive price, can be used for cosmetic, taste and identity.

Fingerprint lock is not cheap, nearly a year or two to increase the acceptance due to more and more high, market sales, there are more and more people use, the price already had a big drop in amplitude. The above said superior performance is the main factor of fingerprint lock, replaceability and ease of installation and fingerprint lock can rapid popularization of important factor. On the other hand, the arrival of the smart home also provides a favorable for the popularization of fingerprint lock. Even though the concept of smart home products than reality, but it is this concept of drive more and more people recognize the fingerprint lock or the importance of intelligent lock in household life in the future, so as to shape a fingerprint lock the universalization trend.

Pro, next-door neighbor has installed a fingerprint lock, what time are you going to action, give it a try?

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